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About NiteHawk

Learn about NiteHawk Sweepers and what we're all about and who we are! 

NPE Highlights 2017

Check out the Highlights from the National Pavement Expo 2017!

Section 179 Deduction Explained

Curious about tax breaks for your company? Check out this explainer video.

Clean Across America

Take a road trip across the United States with NiteHawk! 

Raptor II Stealth Wrap

Check out this custom Raptor II with a reflective wrap.

NiteHawk Performance

Making the Osprey

Hear from NiteHawk engineers how they designed the all New Osprey II. 

The Osprey II

Watch the all New Oprey II in action and learn some of the specs of this powerful sweeper. 

The NiteHawk Raptor

Ride along with the NiteHawk Raptor on the night shift. 

The NiteHawk Osprey

Take a look at the original low profiel sweeper, the NiteHawk Osprey. 

The Raptor II

The Raptor II is the perfect blend of sweeping power and efficiency. 

Raptor II Rock Test

The video shows the true sweeping power of the Raptor II. 

Raptor II Operations

This video displays how to drive and operate the Raptor II. 

Raptor Operations and Functionality

Learn the operations and functionality of the NiteHawk Raptor. 

NiteHawk Performance Driven Sweeping

Watch this demonstration of the power of hudraulic sweeping.  

NiteHawk Osprey - Sweeping

What the Osprey in action in this sweeping demo. 

The Raptor Sweeper - Operations and Performances

Check out the Raptor in action in this sweeping demo. 

NiteHawk Osprey - Sweeping Operations

A sweeping demonstration and operations of the NiteHawk Osprey. 

NiteHawk Raptor And Raptor Edge Sweep Test

Check out this sweeping demonstration of the Raptor Edge. 

The Decibel Factor

This video demonstrates how quiet hydraulic sweeping really is. 

Introduction to Raptor Sweeper 

NiteHawk is proud to introduce the Raptor. Check it out! 

NiteHawk Options

Dump Door Prop Option

This video will show you how to operate the dump door prop option. 

Osprey Storage Options

Check out the storage options on the NiteHawk Osprey. 

Fuel Efficiency

NiteHawk Sweepers are extremely fuel efficient and this video will tell you why. 

Installing Safety Cylinder Chock

Watch this video to learn how to install a safety cylinder chock. 

LPG Fueling Tutorial

This video showcases how to fuel your LPG sweeper trucks.

DAV Stealth Wrap

NiteHawk teamed up with the DAV and came out with this awesome Stealth Wrap. 

Testimonials and Profiles

C & J Parking Lot Sweeping

C & J Sweeping has been a NiteHawk customer for years. Check out their promo video. 

Reilly Sweeping: Service with Quality

Check out Reilly Sweeping's Promo video, a huge fan of NiteHawk. 

Customer Experiences: C & J Sweeping

See what C & J Sweeping has to say about NiteHawk Sweepers. 

Customer Experiences: Gettier

Check out what Gettier thinks of NiteHawk Sweepers. 

Customer Experiences: TSS

TSS is one of NiteHawks biggest customers. See what they think of us in this video. 

Gettier Commercial Sweeping - Company Profile

Check out this Gettier promo video to learn more about the company. 

TSS Facility Services - Complete Property Solutions

This promo video will show you what TSS Facility Services is all about. 

Why Choose NightHawk? Atlanta Sweeping Services

Hear from Atlanta Sweeping why they sweep with NiteHawk. 

Atlanta Sweeping Services - Company Profile

Check out this profile video for Atlanta Sweeping Services. 

How to Run a Sweeping Company - Part 1

This video will show you how to effectively run a sweeping company. 

How to Run a Sweeping Company - Part 2

The second installment video on how to run a sweeping company.