Sourcewell formally NJPA 
Contract Number:  122017-NHK
Sourcewell's cooperative contract purchasing leverages the national purchasing power of more than 50,000 member agencies while also streamlining the required purchasing process. As a municipal national contracting agency, Sourcewell establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. Joint Powers laws enable members to legally purchase through our awarded contracts.

State of California Multiple Award Schedules
Contract Number:  4-15-23-0041A
The State of California Multiple Award Schedules help State of California Agencies and local California governments obtain a competitive price on products they are looking to procure.  This contract is available to State of California Agencies and local California government entities.

Houston – Galveston Area Council Cooperative Purchasing Program (H-GAC)
Contract Number:  SW04-18A
The H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program assists local governments in reducing costs through this government-to-government procurement service available nationwide.  Commercial companies go through an extensive, rigorous bidding process to ensure the contracts are competitively priced.  It saves government entities the costs and time of going out to bid.  This program is available to local government entities and qualifying non – profit corporations.

North Carolina Sheriffs Association 
Contract Number: 19-03-0504
The goal of the NCSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Programs is to achieve more competitive pricing on a variety of heavy equipment and vehicles. The programs help eliminate duplication of effort by your offices through the creation of one statewide bid that can be used by all 100 sheriff’s offices and all local government agencies in North Carolina.

GSA Advantage
Contract Number:  GS – 30F - 1012H
GSA Advantage is an online government purchasing service operated by the United States General Services Administration.   Commercial companies go through a long process of evaluation and qualification to become a contractor on the GSA Advantage Program.  This includes offering a competitive negotiated price over the long contract period.  This program is available to federal agencies as well as to state and local governments.

State of Oklahoma Sweepers Contract
Contact Number:  SW191
The State of Oklahoma Sweepers Contract was established in 2013 to help State of Oklahoma and its local government entities procure sweepers in a more cost effective and efficient way.  This contract is available to State of Oklahoma Agencies and local Oklahoma governments.

Commonweath of Pennsylvania's Cooperative Purchasing Program
Contact Number:  4400019948
COSTARS is the Commenwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program and serves as a conduit through which registered and eligible local public procurement units (LPPUs) and state-affiliated entities (together "Members") are able to leverage contracts established by DGS to cost effectively and efficiently identify suppliers with whom to do business. 

Educational Services Commission of New Jersey Cooperative System (ESCNJ)
Contract Number: ESCNJ 18/19-25 Grounds Equipment
The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey Cooperative System (ESCNJ) has been in existence since 1977 and has grown to become the largest cooperative pricing system in New Jersey. With over 1,200 members, participants include school districts, colleges, universities, municipalities, county governments, housing authorities, libraries, fire districts and more. Our goal is to save taxpayers money by seeking out great prices for our members. NiteHawk sweepers are available under ESCNJ 18/19-25 Grounds Equipment Bid. For more information reach out to Brian Wright 856-983-0111 x112.

System for Award Management (SAM)
DUNS:  059083571     CAGE Code:  6CAV5
In July 2012, the General Services Administration (GSA) combined the Central Contractor Registration (CCR/FedReg), Online Representations & Certifications Application (ORCA) and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) into one main contractor database. This database was named System for Award Management or better known as the SAM registration. Since its inception, the SAM registration has been a step in the right direct for collaborated federal systems that have a heavy interaction with both federal officials and United States business owners.​

SAM registration incorporates all government contractor information into one system. Contractors and vendors can register, file representations and certifications, and search for contracting opportunities from one location. A contractor enters information once, which reduces the risk of duplicating or entering conflicting information.

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