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The versatile NiteHawk Osprey integrates hydraulic sweeping power with a conventional chassis that can sweep at any location, big or small. At a low profile height of 6’4″, the Osprey incorporates the the VFC hydraulic system – the same patent pending hydraulics used on the NiteHawk Raptor – allowing for performance and efficiency never before seen in a conventional sweeper truck.

Our revolutionary Osprey will improve your operating efficiency and give you the power to tackle any parking lot. In addition to the VFC Hydraulic System, the Osprey comes standard with a no-clog screen, approximate two-cubic yard capacity hopper, 81″ sweeping path (106″ with curb broom), powder-coated exterior and driver-side curb blower. A number of additional options help you customize your sweeper to your specific operation. Available in 3/4 -ton GM or Ford chassis.


Standard Features

  • VFC Hydraulic System
  • Drivers Side Hand Blower
  • Air Conditioning
  • No Clog Screen
  • Powder Coated Exteriors
  • AM/FM Stereo
  • 60 Watt Dual Side Spotlights
  • Dual-Row Tungsten Carbide Skids
  • 86″ Sweeping Path (106″ with Curb Broom)
  • Hi Visibility Safety Beacon
  • HD Impact Bumper (Rear)

Custom Features

  • Vertical Digger Curb Broom
  • Industrial Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • MistJet Dust Suppression System
  • Low-Pro Escort Light Bar
  • Custom Colors
  • Impact Resistant Hopper Coating
  • Spacious Locking Toolbox

Additional custom options available.


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