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The versatile NiteHawk Osprey integrates hydraulic sweeping power with a conventional chassis that can sweep at any location, big or small. At a low profile height of 6’4″, the Osprey incorporates the the VFC hydraulic system – the same patent pending hydraulics used on the NiteHawk Raptor – allowing for performance and efficiency never before seen in a conventional sweeper truck.

Our revolutionary Osprey will improve your operating efficiency and give you the power to tackle any parking lot. In addition to the VFC Hydraulic System, the Osprey comes standard with a no-clog screen, approximate two-cubic yard capacity hopper, 86″ sweeping path (106″ with curb broom), powder-coated exterior and driver-side curb blower. A number of additional options help you customize your sweeper to your specific operation. Available in 3/4 -ton GM or Ford chassis.

Standard Features


5 year unlimited mileage / unlimited hours warranty on Osprey Hydraulic System

VFC Hydraulic System

OspreyHydraulicsVFC hydraulic system is powered by steel cased, pressure compensated piston pump – 20 GPM @ 3000 psi. System designed to improve accessibility, increase protection, and reduce maintenance.

Air Conditioning

OspreyACSingle zone climate control air-conditioning, keeping your drivers cool during those warm summer nights.

AM/FM Stereo

OspreyRadioAM/FM stereo with digital display, 2 door mounted speakers, and aux input plug

Drivers Side Hand Blower

OspreyHandBlower2Driver side blower tube comes with over 6’ of reach to help you blow debris out of corners, curb lines, cracks and sidewalks.

106-inch Sweeping Path w/ Broom

OspreySweepingPath86 inches (106 inches with curb broom) provides a large sweeping path to catch debris the first pass through.

60 Watt Dual Side Spotlights

Dual Side SpotlightsImproved job-site visibility with dual side, high intensity 60 watt worklights, activated from cab.

Dual-Row Tungsten Carbide Skids

Osprey SkidIncreased wear profile and durability with heat treated, dual row tungsten carbide skids.

Hi Visibility Safety Beacon

OspreySafetyBeaconClass 1 SAE Certified amber safety beacon (rotating)

No Clog Screen

OspreyScreenThe original non-clogging screen maximizes performance by allowing unhindered air flow while still restricting debris.

Powder Coated Exteriors

NewOspreyPowderCoatIndustrial grade powder coating is baked and cured to exposed surfaces, giving you one of the longest lasting, chip resistant, most color durable, quality finishes available.

HD Impact Bumper (Rear)

HD Impact Bumper (Rear)Manufactured from 3/16” carbide steel, internally reinforced, with HD dock bumpers

Custom Features

HD Impact Bumper (Front)

HD Impact BumperBuilt from 3/16” carbide steel, protects both vehicle and operator in event of collision.

LED Bumper Flashers

NewOspreyOptionBumpFlash2 Front Bumper, 2 Rear Bumper – 6” amber colored, ultra-bright LED strobe lights, gives sweeper higher visibility and safety profile in all conditions.

Vertical Digger Curb Broom

NewOspreyOptionCurbBroomIn cab controlled, driver side 10” curb broom to clean out curb lines, along buildings and property barriers.

Passenger Side – Curb Broom

NewOspreyOptionPaxBroomIn cab controlled, passenger side 10” curb broom to clean out curb lines while driving with normal traffic flow.

Low-Pro Escort Light Bar

NewOspreyOptionLEDbar17” LED Light Bar gives sweeper higher visibility and safety profile in all conditions. Class 1 SAE certified safety beacon.


NewOspreyOptionToolboxSecured storage for valuable equipment – backpack blowers, gas cans, tools, etc

Stainless Steel (3CR12)

Industrial grade corrosion resistant stainless steel, infused with chromium, available for hopper and all hopper doors.

Interior Hopper Coating

Spray-on, impact resistant protective lining for hopper interior surfaces

Side Suction Hose

Side Suction Hose6” diameter hose, attached to hopper side, to clean out corners, debris piles, drain areas, etc

MistJet Dust Supression System

NewOspreyOptionWaterSys6 HiFlow water nozzles reduce dust pollution and improve sweeping performance in dry conditions. 33 gallon tank standard.

Hopper Door Lift

Hopper Door LiftDriver or passenger side hopper dump door lift, operated from ground for easier access.

Reverse Camera

Reverse CameraHard wired rear view back up camera to increase operator safety, reduce blind spots, and assist with dump procedures.

Custom Colors And Wraps

Custom Colors And WrapsChoose from variety of custom paint and powder coat colors, to wraps that incorporate company logos and designs.

Need something customized on your truck to fit your unique operation? We can do it all.
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