Our Advantages

NiteHawk offers a superior choice in sweeping products. Back by a powerful warranty and knowledgeable customer service network, our sweepers are built in the U.S. with optimum materials and brand name parts. NiteHawk team members understand and are committed to helping you build a successful company for you and your employees. We build a powerful sweeper that is simple and cost effective, providing the foundation you need to achieve your business goals.

The NiteHawk Difference

  • Performance, Efficiency, Dependability

  • Eliminates need for an auxiliary engine maintenance

  • Dramatically decrease fuel costs

Performance, efficiency and dependability – these are the core advantages that NiteHawk Sweepers demonstrate every day of every year. Our powerful hydraulic system eliminates the need for an auxiliary engine and associated expensive maintenance. This ultra-efficient system will dramatically cut your fuel costs. Our system uses simple and effective components to reduce maintenance and increase longevity.

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Our Hydraulic System

  • VFC Hydraulic System
  • Offers performance, simplicity, and longevity
  • Eco friendly alternative to aux. engine sweepers
  • Gives the power to do the job right the first time.

NiteHawk revolutionized the industry by introducing the first hydraulic sweeping system. Our VFC Hydraulic System, designed with a focus on performance, simplicity, longevity and the environment, provides an eco-friendly alternative to auxiliary engine sweepers. The powerful VFC system allows you to sweep in the roughest conditions. Having the power do the job right the first time saves you time and money on the job.

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Cost and Fuel Calculator

  • Our sweepers save customers money
  • They are less costly to maintain
  • They use less fuel than other sweepers

Hydraulic vs. Auxiliary Engine: Which is better in terms of cost of ownership? Our sweepers save our customers money. They are less costly to maintain and they use less fuel than other sweepers. Use our Cost & Fuel Calculator to see how your sweeper, or any other leading sweeper, stacks up against a NiteHawk Osprey or NiteHawk Raptor


  • NiteHawk works with the top finance partners in the industry to help you expand your fleet
  • We are here to help you make the best purchase option for your business

NiteHawk is here to assist you with the financing of your sweeper truck. We work with some of the best finance partners in the industry to help you build or expand your fleet. When you purchase a sweeper truck, you have many options, and we are here to help you make the best choice for your business.

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We know what it takes to be successful. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of the country’s leading contractors say about owning a NiteHawk Sweeper.

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We Like to Have Fun!

Here are NiteHawk, we work hard, but also play hard. In this industry, it’s essential to have a good sense of humor to put up with the garbage (pun intended). That’s why we think one of our advantages is that we like to have fun. If you’ve been working hard too – you deserve a break!

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