Corporate Social Responsibility

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January 8, 2019
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Perhaps you’ve heard or read about corporate social responsibility, a relatively recent trend among for-profit businesses of engaging in humanitarian or charity work. Far from a passing fad, this development in the business world is increasingly becoming an expectation among successful firms. Here we discuss how your firm can grow and benefit from such activities in a meaningful way.

While there is no set definition for corporate social responsibility, or “CSR”, the term generally refers to business activities that pursue benefits to both the business itself and society in general[1]. The scale to which an organization might engage in CSR varies tremendously. A company might participate in a one-time event, like sponsoring a charitable 5k race, contributing to hurricane relief, or collecting donations for Toys for Tots. Alternatively, a company may choose to commit to an ongoing partnership with a service-oriented group. Costco Wholesale, for example, has been in partnership for over 30 years with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), a nonprofit that raises funds for children’s hospitals across the country. During the month of May, all Costco warehouses participate in a fundraising campaign, holding various events for the community and their employees to raise money for CMN. The nonprofit reports that in their course of their partnership, Costco has contributed more than $274 million dollars.[2] 

NiteHawk Sweepers is proud to support causes we care about. Since 2011, NiteHawk has engaged in a partnership with the Disabled American Veterans Foundation, a national nonprofit that supports over one million veterans and their families each year. The DAV Foundation assists veterans in accessing healthcare, employment, education, and other necessary services to successfully transition to civilian life.[3] NiteHawk makes donations to DAV on behalf of customers who purchase a special DAV wrap on our Osprey II and Raptor II sweepers. In addition to per-vehicle donations, the wrap creates increased visibility and public awareness of DAV, while also helping us and our customers communicate our support for this great organization and for all American veterans. 

In addition, to company wide support like the DAV or Seattle Children’s Hospital, we have many employees that are engaged in local or national charities.  Many of these are familiar like the Susan G. Komen Cure for Cancer or the Boy Scouts of America, but others are local charities that tie to our individual communities like Bloodworks Northwest, a blood bank and medical research institute headquartered in Seattle, Washington that serves 90 hospitals in western Washington and Oregon.  Regardless of what, who, or how your organization or an individual participates, the intrinsic benefits are awesome.  Some are quantifiable, like statistical increases in job satisfaction, longer employee tenure or the activation of the reward center in our brain, but most are just benefits we know.  Giving makes us feel good, improves life satisfaction, strengthen bonds in our communities, reduces stress, and contributes to a positive company culture. 

Does your organization have any causes to which you contribute? Like our NiteHawk Facebook page or tag us in a photo of your business. We will help to promote your favorite charity!

Regardless of the organization or charitable cause you choose to support, making CSR a part of your operation is about communicating your values to your employees, your customers, and your community. As you set goals for the New Year, consider incorporating charitable initiatives into your business.

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