Easy ways to improve your Maintenance Record Keeping

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May 10, 2018
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Easy ways to improve your Maintenance Record Keeping

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Maintenance Records

A commonly overlooked, but important aspect of both vehicle and sweeper maintenance, is record keeping. A simple log and a few minutes to track maintenance will give you crucial information needed to plan budgets, reduce down time, and lower inventory costs. Click here to read more about this and find recommendations for software and online programs that can make your maintenance life easier.

The maintenance log should list the date and service performed, as well as the technician responsible and the parts used. Maintenance logs should be keep on all your equipment, including blowers, sweepers, plows, striping and paving equipment, and pressure washers. Contact your individual equipment manufacturer for specific maintenance schedules for blowers and other equipment (we’ll be happy to send you one for your NiteHawk sweeper).

The more accurate the log – the more accurate you can plan, budge and bid. From simple to complex, from excel spreedsheets to web based programs and phone apps, there are tools out there that fit your needs. Here are a couple programs that some of our sweeping customers are using to improve their operations – give them a shot and let us know what you think.


  • Excel Template – No cost, can customize to fit any user need. Local access only.
  • www.cargly.com (Free / Web, Iphone, Android) – Very simple program, limited functionality, easy interface.
  • www.fleetio.com (Free and Subscription Versions / Web Only) – Most robust program, browser access, and includes MPG tracking option. Easy interface – Best Overall Value.