Maintenance Tips – How To Adjust Your Sweeper Curb Broom

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May 10, 2018
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May 10, 2018
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To extend the life of your curb broom system and avoid costly repairs, follow these simple procedures when adjusting your curb broom:

When making any adjustments, ensure that the unit and broom are on a flat level surface. When checking the broom rotation speed, extension and retraction, be sure to have the power level setting at 100%.

Angle Adjustment
A hydraulic cylinder located along the truck frame operates the broom arm. The broom follows a fixed axis. Adjust the tilt of the broom by using the nut that attaches the motor mount assembly to the curb broom arm. Loosen the nut (fig #1), set proper angle, properly retighten nut. The pitch of the broom is adjusted by using the bolt and nut that attaches the motor mount hinge (fig #2). Loosen the bolt/nut, set proper angle, properly retighten bolt/nut.



Speed Adjustment
speed adjustThe speed of the broom is factory preset, but it can be adjusted using the curb broom relief valve to fit your individual needs. The curb broom relief valve is located on the passenger side of the manifold. Loosen the jam nut on the relief valve and turn the screw counter-clockwise for more speed and clockwise for less. (Note – this relief valve also controls the speed at which the broom extends and retracts)




Turnbuckle Adjustment
The curb broom turnbuckle adjusts how far the broom extends and retracts. Adjusting how far the broom extends also affects how far the broom retracts and vise versa. To extend the broom further, remove the turnbuckle from the curb broom arm, loosen the two jam nuts and spin the turnbuckle counterclockwise and reinstall. To retract the broom further, spin the turnbuckle clockwise and reinstall.